Shower Room Series 2 on Instagram

  • A little series on generous shower rooms in tight spaces. Small, well-designed shower rooms can free up space elsewhere in your home, but can be so much more than utilitarian. Using robust materials such as honed stones will allow for graceful aging and for longevity. Quality materials instil a sense of calm and inner and outer cleansing.

    Shower room 1: When not in use, this shower room is entirely transparent. Only when in use will condensation create a temporary magic frosting on the glass screens. By avoiding solid partitions, this shower does not take away from the larger, tent-like attic space it is part of.

    Shower room 2: This ensuite shower room is lined with seamless volcanic basalt walls and a playful and haptic pebble floor. By carefully proportioning the new rainfall shower and by designing the shower area to be just large enough to be able to do without internal shower screens, its overall size became highly efficient. Tall & sophisticated pocket doors and level flooring make it easily accessible and a discreet and elegant part of the master suite.

    Shower room 3: This neat shower room uses large format basalt and ceramic tiles with integrated shelving and lighting. It is naturally lit from the top: A carefully positioned, large rooflight allows blue sky thinking while having a morning shower and views into a starred sky at night. Both humans and plants can thrive in this compact space.